A Letter To My Daughters

This is a letter I wrote for my lovely young daughters who have been home educated.

I got to keep you a little closer for a little longer.

I got to look into a mind like no other.

I learnt things no-one could teach me, just by teaching you.

You learnt things no-one taught you, because you were you.

I got to see it.

Because what is necessary for some was crazy for you. I got to protect you from it.

What is impossible for many is delightful to you. I got to give it to you.

What others don’t understand, you showed to them. You still do.

And when it was hard, you found your feet. You told me where I was wrong.

I learnt to do better.

I got to whisper encouragements when others would have restricted you.

I got to set you free to enjoy your reading, your contentment.

You got to grow at your own pace.

You got to see that there’s more than what people say there is.

I got to see it.

You saw how hard it was on me, though I tried to hide it.

You worked through it and learnt that mums have big feelings too, that adults aren’t perfect.

That you are just fine.

When you were ready, you stepped out and shone. You still do.

I got to see it.

Before you were born, I counted the cost. I was and still am prepared to die for you.

You are more than I could have imagined. So much more than I could have asked for.

You are infinitely reflecting your infinite Maker.

I will never regret keeping you closer for a little longer.

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